Format: CD
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Rel. Date: 06/05/2007
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With Lasers
Artist: Bonde Do Role
Format: CD
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If you liked Cansei de Ser Sexy'"or, heck, even heard of 'em'"you'll love Bonde Do Role. Or, heck, you'll at least hear of 'em. That's the word on the street, and it's a comparison to be expected'"how much Brazilian indie electro-rock do we get exposed to, after all? But it's hardly accurate, as these kids are much more firmly rooted in the joyously chintzy Rio dance eclecticism known as baile funk, the self-same craze that bowled over so many indie kids a few years back.

One of the bowled-over many was Diplo, the Hollertronix DJ (and M.I.A. boy-pal), and 'twas he who first signed this manic Brazilian trio. It's easy to hear why. Bonde Do Role share with their patron'"who made his name by mashing R&B and hip-hop together with indie and classic rock'"a love for the disjunctive collision of sounds as well as a gleeful sensibility that keeps the project from seeming arch. And they also love guitars, which on With Lasers are by turns twangy, metallic, chunky, bluesy, and overall, just plain guitar-y.

The group has suffered some mishaps on their course to international acclaim'"though they weren't down much when Marina Vello recently dislocated her shoulder while crowd-surfing, Bonde Do Role had to cancel a series of west coast dates after DJ Rodrigo Gorky returned to Brazil for emergency dental surgery. But hell, if you can create an international indie craze in South America out of the detritus of imperialist pop, you've got some kind of historical inevitability or your side, no? You'll hear of Bonde Do Role soon. Heck, you may even come to love them.

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