Bite My Foot
Artist: John Stewart
Format: CD
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1. Intro
2. Anna on a Memory
3. All Time Woman
4. California Bloodlines
5. Intro to Pirates [Between-Song Talk]
6. Pirates of Stone County Road
7. Intro to Mazatlan [Between-Song Talk]
8. Mazatlan
9. National Monument [Between-Song Talk]
10. Roll Away the Stone
11. Kennedy Campaign [Between-Song Talk]
12. Last Campaign Trilogy: Last Campaign/Wild Horse Road/All the Bra
13. Intermission [Between-Song Talk]
14. Mother Country
15. Intro to July [Between-Song Talk]
16. July You're a Woman
17. Wheatfield Lady
18. Greatest Days [Between-Song Talk]
19. Cooler Water, Higher Ground
20. Razor Back Woman
21. Kansas Rain
22. Tucson [Between-Song Talk]
23. Runaway Fool of Love
24. Wolves in the Kitchen
25. Banjo Solo Time
26. Never Goin' Back to Nashville

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